Effective communication is a must for effective management of the disaster situation and therefore DMMC is emphasizing upon strengthening normal communication network as also erecting alternative backup communication infrastructure DMMC has police wireless connectivity at State Emergency Operation Centre, videoconferencing facility with all the 13 districts and 22 state headquarters and MHA. Satellite phones have been set up in ten districts as also in the DMMC and SEOC for providing alternative communication.DMMC is currenty using sms gateway service for emergency alerts. A HAM radio club has been formed in DMMC for providing alternative communication as also for promoting this hobby.


DMMC is providing various advisory technical inputs to the various state government departments. DMMC has completed the projects for demarcating landslide prone areas in the reservoir rim of Tehri dam and Road master plan of Uttarakhand, GIS based health infrastructure mapping, besides preparing district disaster management plans for the downstream districts of Tehri dam.