Most research in the field of disasters mostly examines scientific aspects of the natural phenomena, statistical and geographic records of their occurrence and social responses to the events.The DMMC however focuses on the management aspects of response and relief activities mounted by the Government of Uttarakhand and the role of State and Central Government agencies, armed forces, non-government organisations and others supporting these activities so as to minimise the miseries of the masses exposed to these events.

DMMC is also routinely involved in pre- and post-disaster surveys of the areas affected by disasters in Uttarakhand and studies the conditions that had increased the vulnerability of the people and attempts to identify areas where the vulnerability of the masses is on the rise so as to initiate timely action to reduce disaster risk

Besides compiling the hazard and risk related work done by the various research institutions and universities DMMC is also undertaking similar exercise under GIS environment. A comprehensive list of the human habitations falling in high landslide hazard prone zones has been prepared by the centre

DMMC is also engaged in gathering information on the indigenous disaster management practices of the masses of the region so as to innovate new management practices that would be cost effective and acceptable to the masses