Earthquake Precautions


What to Do After an Earthquake ?


  • If any damage is suspected, turn the system off from the main valve or, switch.
  • Clean up household chemical spills, toxic and flammable materials to avoid any chain of unwanted events.
  • Gather information and necessary instructions from battery operated radios.
  • Obey Public safety precautions.
  • Leave a message stating where you are going if you must evacuate your residence.
  • Take your earthquake survival kit with you.
  • It should contain all necessary items for your protection and comfort.
  • Check your water and electrical lines for defects.


  • Do not fill the overhead tank completely.
  • Do not carry out haphazard repairs.
  • Repairs should be done only under the supervision of a structural engineer.
  • Do not put additional supports without the guidance of an experienced/qualified structural engineer.
  • Do not use the lift until it has been checked and certified by thelift company.